Pakokku Bridge

Pakokku Bridge (Burmese: ပခုက္ကူတံတား) is located in the central part of Myanmar. It crosses the Irrawaddy River, so it is also called Irrawaddy Bridge or Ayeyawady Bridge Pakkoku. It connects Pakokku and Nyaung Oo. It is the longest road and railway bridge in Myanmar.

The Pakokku Bridge is 3.9 mi (6.3 km) long and is built on an international highway that connects India, Myanmar and Thailand. It has 2 lanes of road and 1 railway.

Ayeyawady Bridge Pakokku
Ayeyawady Bridge Pakokku


December 15, 2009: Pakokku Bridge began construction.

December 31, 2011: The bridge was completed.

January 1, 2012: The bridge was officially opened to traffic.

Overview Pakokku Bridge
Overview Pakokku Bridge

Building technical parameters

Pakokku Bridge is 3.9 mi (6.3 km) long, Bridge section length is 3.2 mi (5.2 km ), Length over water is 1.9 mi (3 km ). It spans the Ayeyawady Bridge Pakkoku on the Irrawaddy River and is 2.1 mi (3.4 km) long.

The main channel of this bridge has a headroom height of 52 ft (16 m) under the bridge, and a navigable channel width of 262 ft (80 m).

The width of the bridge deck is 49 ft (15 m), and the bridge deck consists of 3 parts.

  • 1: A 2-lane road with a width of 28 ft (8.6 m).
  • 2: A 14 ft (4.3 m) wide railway.
  • 3: 2 sidewalks with a total width of 6 ft (1.9 m).
Nameplate of Pakokku Bridge
Nameplate of Pakokku Bridge

Public works of main bridge roads and railways The Myanmar Railway Company is responsible for the construction and construction of approach towers and railways.

The bridge used a total of 29,000 tons of steel and installed a total of 1.4 million bolts and nuts. The bridge is designed with expansion joints, which can withstand a temperature difference of 0-60 degrees Celsius.

The bridge is made of reinforced concrete, and the upper girder is made of steel girder. The allowable weight of each vehicle is 75 tons.

Pakokku Bridge
Pakokku Bridge

Pakokku Bridge Data

Southeast Asia
In use
Official name
Other name
Irrawaddy Bridge, Ayeyawady Bridge Pakkoku
Between Pakokku and Nyaung Oo, Myanmar
Public Works and Myanmar Railways
Dec-15, 2009
Construction end
Dec-31, 2011
Jan-01, 2012
Total length
3.9 mi ( 6.3 km )
main bridge length
2.1 mi ( 3.4 km )
Tall (tower)
180 ft ( 55 m )
Length over water
1.9 mi ( 3 km )
Bridge section length
3.2 mi ( 5.2 km )
main channel bridge Length
262 ft ( 80 m )
49 ft ( 15 m )
Deck height
52 ft ( 16 m )
Design type
Steel beam bridge
Road scale
road: 2 lanes; railway: 1-lane track
The Irrawaddy River

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