Thousand Islands Bridge

The Thousand Islands Bridge ( French:Pont des Mille-îles )is located in the Great Lakes region between the United States and Canada, on the Saint Lawrence River north of New York. It crosses the middle of the Thousand Islands area and connects Hill Island in Ontario, Canada and Wellesley Island in New York, USA.

The total length of the bridge is 8.5 mi (13.7 km) and the maximum span is 787 ft (240 m). Construction began in May 1937, opened on August 18, 1938, and expanded in 1959. The bridge has 2 lanes and sidewalks.

This bridge is maintained by Thousand Island Bridge Authority.

Thousand Islands Bridge
Thousand Islands Bridge


  • On April 30, 1937, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Thousand Islands Bridge was held at the Collins Landing in New York. Thousands of people from the United States and Canada participated in the event.
  • In May 1937, the construction of the Qiandao Bridge began.
  • In December 1937, the main construction of the bridge was completed.
  • In June 1938, the installation of bridge steel structures in the United States was completed.
The Thousand Islands Bridge system
The Thousand Islands Bridge system
  • In August 1938, the installation of the bridge steel structure in Canada was completed.
  • In March 1938, the bridge began cable installation work, and the cable installation was completed in April 1938.
  • In May 1938, the bridge began to pave the road, and in August 1938, the pavement was completed.
  • On August 18, 1938, then US President Franklin Roosevelt and then Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King officially opened the Thousand Islands Bridge. More than 25,000 people participated in the opening ceremony of the new bridge.

The entire Thousand Island Bridge system took 16 months. The project was completed 10 weeks ahead of schedule and the total cost was US$3.05 million.

Pont des Mille-îles
Pont des Mille-îles

Building technical parameters

The Qiandao International Bridge system has a total length of 8.5 mi (13.7 km), a maximum span of 787 ft (240 m), and two lanes. It is composed of 5 bridges across the St. Lawrence River and a series of approach bridges. From Canada to the United States, they are:

3 bridge sections in Canada:

  • Georgina Island to Canadian mainland
  • Constance Island to Georgina Island
  • Hill Island to Constance Island
Overview Thousand Islands Bridge
Overview Thousand Islands Bridge

1 bridge section (international border crossing) across Canada and the United States:

  • Wellesley Island to Hill Island

1 bridge segment in the United States:

  • American mainland to Wellesley Island (main span)

At the beginning of the bridge’s opening, only 150,000 vehicles crossed the bridge every year. Now, this number exceeds 2 million.

Thousand Islands Bridge Main terminal
Thousand Islands Bridge Main terminal

Thousand Islands Bridge Data

America / Canada
North America
In use
Official name
The Thousand Islands Bridge system
Other name
Pont des Mille-îles
Wellesley Island, New York, United States to Hill Island, Ontario, Canada
Official website
Thousand Islands Bridge Authority
US $3 million in 1937
Apr-30, 1937
Aug-18, 1938
Total Duration
16 months
Total length
8.5 mi ( 13.7 km )
Deck height
U.S.: 150 ft (46 m) Canada: 120 ft (37 m)
Longest span
787 ft ( 240 m )
Design type
suspension, open-spandrel deck arch bridge, truss bridge
Road scale
2 lanes
Saint Lawrence River

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