Crimean Bridge

Crimean Bridge ( Russian: Крымский мост ) is located on Kerch Strait in western Russia, which is close to Ukraine. Russia built the longest bridge in Europe in order to strengthen its control over the Crimea region. It is called the “Project of the Century” in Russia.

Construction of Crimean Bridge began in February 2016. The road bridge and railway bridge were completed in 2018 and 2019 respectively. The road bridge was opened on May 15, 2018, and the railway bridge was opened on December 23, 2019.

The length of the bridge is 18.1 km (11.2 mi), the railway bridge is 18.1 km (11.2 mi), and the road bridge is 16.9 km (10.5 mi).

It total cost about 227,92 billion rubles (US $3 billion ).

Crimean Bridge
Crimean Bridge


During the Soviet period in 1944, a 4.5-kilometer (2.8-mile) non-permanent bridge was built on Kerch Strait. This non-permanent bridge was damaged due to design and construction errors and was destroyed by drift ice in February 1945. .

  • Preliminary work on the bridge began in May 2015. More than 200 bombs and several airplanes from the Second World War were discovered. Enter the area during cleanup before construction.
  • As of October 2015, the first temporary bridge has been built to connect Tuzla Island and the Taman Peninsula.
  • The main body construction started in February 2016.
  • At the beginning of 2016, the bridge installed the first pile of piles, and in April 2016, the first pillar of the road bridge was built.
  • The foundation of the highway bridge was completed in August 2017. The two shipping canal arches were hoisted into place in August and October of that year.
Kerch Strait Bridge
Kerch Strait Bridge
  • In December 2017, all road pillars and spans were completed. By April 2018, asphalt concrete had been laid on the road bridge. After some inspections, it was considered that the road bridge was ready.
  • The bridge opened on May 16, 2018 for non-truck vehicles, and opened to traffic on October 1.
  • The construction of railway bridges continues. In June 2018, the pile installation was completed, and the deployment of the rails began in July 2018.
  • Sales of train tickets for the entire Kerch Strait started in November 2019.
  • On December 18, 2019, the railway bridge was deemed ready, and President Putin officially opened the bridge on December 23.
  • The first timed passenger train crossed the bridge on December 25, 2019, and the bridge was opened for freight trains on June 30, 2020.
Crimean Bridge
Crimean Bridge

Technical parameter

The Crimean Bridge’s railway is 18.1 km (11.2 mi) long and the road bridge is 16.9 km (10.5 mi) long. Deck height is 115 ft (35 m ). Longest span is 745 ft (227 m ).

The highway bridge is a 4-lane design.

The bridge costing 227,92 billion rubles (US $3 billion) is free to pass.

Overview of Crimean Bridge
Overview of Crimean Bridge

Crimean Bridge Data

Eastern Europe
In use
Official name
Крымский мост
Other name(s)
Kerch Strait Bridge, Kerch Bridge
Kerch, Crimea and Taman, Russia
Russian government
Institute Giprostroymost – Saint Petersbirg
Official website
227,92 billion rubles (US $3 billion )
Feb, 2016
Construction end
April 2018 (road bridge) December 2019 (rail bridge)
15 May 2018 (road bridge) 23 December 2019 (rail bridge)
Total length
Railroad bridge: 18.1 km (11.2 mi) Road bridge: 16.9 km (10.5 mi)
Deck height
115 ft ( 35 m )
Longest span
745 ft ( 227 m )
Road scale
4 lanes
Kerch Strait

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