Donghai Bridge

Donghai Bridge (chinese:东海大桥,Other name:East Sea Bridge) is located in Hangzhou Bay, Zhejiang Province, China. It connects Shanghai and Yangshan Deepwater Port.
The specific area is between Nanhui, Pudong New District, Shanghai and Yangshan Town, Shengsi County, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province.
It is also one of the key supporting projects of Yangshan Deepwater Port(Part of Shanghai Port).

Donghai Bridge
Donghai Bridge

The Donghai Bridge was built on June 26, 2002. On May 25, 2005, the Donghai Bridge was fully opened and a ceremony was held. On December 10, 2005, the Donghai Bridge was officially opened to traffic.
The total length of the Donghai Bridge is 32.5 kilometers, the main bridge is 25.3 kilometers, the deck is a two-way six-lane highway, the design speed is 80 kilometers per hour, and the total investment of the project is 7.11 billion yuan (about 1.1 billion US dollars).

Donghai Bridge in the night
Donghai Bridge in the night

Overall layout of the building

The Donghai Bridge is a group project that integrates multiple bridges and tunnels. The whole bridge is generally arranged from the northwest to the southeast.
From north to south, it consists of three parts: the land segment (north approach bridge), the cross-sea segment (main bridge), and the port bridge connection (south approach bridge).
Among them, the main bridge includes one main channel bridge, three auxiliary channel bridges and multiple non-navigable bridges.
The connecting section of Gangqiao includes the two main parts of Kezhushan Bridge and Xiaoyangshan Tunnel, as well as the east and west approach bridges.

Schematic diagram of Donghai Bridge
Schematic diagram of Donghai Bridge

Main channel bridge

The main channel bridge of Donghai Bridge has a total length of 830 meters and a span of “(73 + 132 + 420 + 132 + 73) meters”.
The main navigation hole has a clear width of 300 meters and a clear height of 40 meters. The navigation grade is 5,000 tons, and can meet the navigation requirements of 10,000-ton ships. The single-hole two-way navigation.

Main Channel Bridge
Main Channel Bridge

The main beam is 4 meters high and the bridge deck is 33 meters wide. The main tower has a total height of 159 meters, a vertical and horizontal dimension of 8 meters, a horizontal dimension of 7 meters in the upper column, 4.2 meters in the middle column, and a lower column from 37 meters to 28 meters.
The cable-stayed horizontal planes are spaced 2 meters apart. There are 24 pairs of cable-stayed cables on each cable surface of each tower. The cable-to-beam spacing is 8 meters, and the cable-to-tower spacing is 2.2 meters. Each cable is 7 mm in diameter. .

Auxiliary waterway bridges

The three auxiliary navigation bridges of Donghai Bridge adopt the spans of (70 + 120 + 120 + 70) meters, (80 + 140 + 140 + 80) meters and (90 + 160 + 160 + 90) meters in sequence from north to south Layout.
The navigable grades are 500 tons, 1000 tons and 500 tons.

Among them, the 1000-ton-level navigation hole has a net width of 500 meters and a net height of 25 meters, and the two-hole one-way navigation.
The 500-ton navigable hole has a net width of 56 meters and a net height of 17.5 meters. The two-hole one-way navigation.

Auxiliary waterway bridges
Auxiliary waterway bridges

Kezhushan Bridge

Kezhushan Bridge has a total length of 710 meters, with a “(7 × 50 + 50 + 139 ++ 332 + 139 + 50 + 12 × 50) meters” span arrangement.
The cable-stayed bridge has a main span of 332 meters, a side span of 139 meters, a transition hole span of 50 meters, and a main beam reinforced concrete bridge deck with a full width of 35 meters.

Kezhushan bridge
Kezhushan bridge

The main tower is 105 meters high, the tower base is 3 meters thick, and the lower beam is 7 meters thick.
The bridge has a total of 64 pairs of diagonal cables, using 7 mm diameter steel wire, the cable distance on the beam is 9 meters, and the cable distance on the tower is 2 meters.

Xiaoyangshan Tunnel

Xiaoyangshan Tunnel is a five-hole five-line tunnel.
The main section of Xiaoyangshan Tunnel is 270 meters in total length, with a clear tunnel width of 34.06 meters and a maximum excavation width of 35.72 meters.
The single tunnel has a net width of 15.88 meters and a net height of 8.2 meters.

Xiaoyangshan Tunnel (part of Donghai Bridge)
Xiaoyangshan Tunnel (part of Donghai Bridge)

Construction process

On June 26, 2002, construction of Donghai Bridge began.

On June 29, 2003, the construction of the steel trestle in the shallow sea section of the first bid of the 587-meter-long Donghai Bridge was completed.

On April 3, 2004, the Donghai Bridge seawall project held a closing ceremony.
On December 24, the Donghai Bridge and Xiaoyangshan Port Area completed the docking.

On April 8, 2005, the last auxiliary navigation hole of the Donghai Bridge was Helong.
On May 22, 2005, the non-navigable hole bridge of Donghai Bridge was fully connected.
On May 25, 2005, the Donghai Bridge held a full-line penetration ceremony.
On December 10, 2005, the Donghai Bridge opened to traffic.

Donghai Bridge at night
Donghai Bridge at night

Ticket fare

The toll period of the Donghai Bridge is 25 years (calculated from December 10, 2005), and the objects of toll collection are non-container operated vehicles.
The toll standard of the bridge divides the trucks into 5 categories according to the load and passenger seats.
The first category trucks with a load of 2 tons and below, 7-seater and 7-seater passenger cars are charged 20 yuan per vehicle;
The second category trucks with a load of 2 tons to 5 tons will be charged 30 yuan, and 8 to 19 passenger cars will be charged 20 yuan;
The third category trucks with a load of 5 tons to 10 tons charge 35 yuan, and 20 to 39 passenger cars cost 30 yuan;
The fourth category trucks with a load of 10 to 15 tons are charged 45 yuan, and those with 40 seats or more are charged 30 yuan;
The fifth category trucks with a load of more than 15 tons are charged 45 yuan.

The above cost is between 3 and 8 dollars.

Drive on the Donghai Bridge
Drive on the Donghai Bridge

Donghai Bridge Data

Shanghai and Yangshan Port
Official name
Other name
East Sea Bridge
7.1 billion yuan (US $1.1 billion )
In use
China Railway Major Bridge Reconnaissance & Design Institute Co., Ltd. (BRDI)
Maintained by
Shanghai Chengtou Donghai Bridge Management Co., Ltd.
Design life
100 years
Jun-26, 2002
Construction end
May-25, 2005
Dec-10, 2005
Total Duration
3 years
32.5 km (20.2 mi)
Bridge section length
32 km (19.6 mi)
31.5 m/103 ft (double bridge), 15.25 m/51 ft (single bridge)
Longest span
420 m (1,380 ft)
Design type
Beam bridge with cable-stayed section
Bridge type
Cross sea bridge
Hangzhou Bay(On East China Sea)
Road scale
6 lanes
Design speed
80 km / h
¥20-45 Yuan(About $3-7)

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