Seohae Bridge

Seohae Bridge (Korean: 서해대교) is located on Asan Bay in western South Korea. It connects Pyongtaek and Dangjin. It is a reinforced concrete cross-sea bridge.

The bridge is 4.5 mi (7.3 km) long and Length over water is 2.9 mi (4.7 km ). The 6-lane bridge is part of South Korea’s West Coast Expressway. The bridge construction began in 1993 and was completed in 2000. It cost 678 billion won (US $620 million).

Seohae Bridge
Seohae Bridge


May 1993: Construction of Seohae Bridge began.

August 5, 1999: Due to the impact of Typhoon Olga, construction encountered an accident, and a span (and some prefabricated parts) fell.

November 10, 2000: Seohae Bridge opened.

Seohae Bridge aerial view
Seohae Bridge aerial view

Building technical parameters

The Seohae Bridge is 4.5 mi (7.3 km) long and the Length over water is 2.9 mi (4.7 km ). It is the longest of the 827 bridges built on the West Coast Highway.

The bridge deck width is 112 ft (34 m) and has 6 lanes. The maximum span is 1542 ft (470 m).


The bridge consists of three types of bridges:

A cable-stayed bridge supported by two 591 ft (180 m) high towers, 3248 ft (990 m) long. A 50,000-ton cargo ship can pass under the bridge.

Continuous concrete box bridge (PSM bridge), 3.6 mi (5.8 km) long, and each small span is 197 ft (60 m) long.

Large-span concrete box bridge (FCM bridge), 1640 ft (500 m) long.

The total investment of the project is 678 billion won (US $620 million), mobilizing 2.2 million people, 450,000 equipment, 120,000 tons of rebar and 320,000 tons of cement.

Overview Seohae Bridge
Overview Seohae Bridge

Advanced design

It is designed to withstand strong winds of 65m/sec and strong earthquakes of magnitude 6 on the Richter scale. In order to prevent seawater corrosion, salt-resistant cement and epoxy-coated steel bars are used, and various advanced measuring instruments are installed for scientific construction and maintenance.

Seohae Grand Bridge
Seohae Grand Bridge

Entertainment area

The small island in the middle of the bridge, Haengdam Island Service Area, is a rest area with marine ecological parks, hotels, entertainment facilities and sports facilities, making it a favorite place for people using the West Coast Highway.

Seohae Bridge Night view
Seohae Bridge Night view

Seohae Bridge Data

South Korea
East Asia
In use
Official name
Other name
Seohae Grand Bridge
Between Pyongtaek, Gyeonggi and Dangjin, South Chungcheong in South Korea
Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd.·LG Construction Co., Ltd.
678 billion won (US $620 million )
May, 1993
Nov-09, 2000
Total length
4.5 mi ( 7.3 km )
Tall (tower)
591 ft ( 180 m )
Length over water
2.9 mi ( 4.7 km )
112 ft ( 34 m )
Longest span
1542 ft ( 470 m )
Design type
cable-stayed bridge, Concrete box bridge
Road scale
6 lanes
Asan Bay

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