Stonecutters Bridge

Stonecutters Bridge (Chinese:昂船洲大桥) is located in the New Territories of Hong Kong, China. It is one of the longest cable-stayed bridges in the world. The bridge is part of Hong Kong Route 8, which crosses Rambler Channel and connects Tsing Yi Island and Stonecutters Island.

The approach channels of Tsing Yi Island and Stonecutters Island are located near Container Terminal No. 9 and Container Terminal No. 8 respectively.

The bridge deck was completed on April 7, 2009 and opened to traffic on December 20, 2009.

The total length of the bridge is 5,236 ft (1,596 m). The Longest span is 3,340 ft (1,018 m). The bridge body (tower) is 978 ft (298 m) tall. It total cost HK $2.76 billion (US $350 million).

Stonecutters Bridge
Stonecutters Bridge


  • On April 27, 2004, Stonecutters Bridge began construction. The construction company was Maeda-Hitachi-Yokogawa-Hsin Chong JV.
  • On April 07, 2009, the bridge was completed.
  • On December 20, 2009, the bridge was officially opened.
  • In 2010, Stonecutters Bridge won the highest award in the Annual Structural Awards of the Institution of Structural Engineers in the United Kingdom.
Stonecutters Bridge and overpass
Stonecutters Bridge and overpass

Technical parameter

The Stonecutters Bridge is 241 ft (73.5 m) above the sea, and the height of the bridge tower is 978 ft (298 m). The total length of the bridge is 5,236 ft (1,596 m). The Longest span is 3,340 ft (1,018 m).

It is the third longest cable-stayed bridge in the world, second only to Sutong Yangtze River Bridge and Russky Island Bridge.

The bridge has 6 lanes of road surface. In addition to road construction, the bridge project also includes drainage, lighting, structural control systems, electrical and mechanical facilities, fire protection devices, road signs, garage areas, navigation aids, and traffic control and monitoring facilities. It total cost HK $2.76 billion (US $350 million ).

It uses 33,500 tons of structural steel in the bridge deck; 32,000m³ of concrete in the tower and 65 steel deck units rely on 224 cables.

Stonecutters Bridge tower is 978 ft (298 m) tall
Stonecutters Bridge tower is 978 ft (298 m) tall

Stonecutters Bridge Data

East Asia
In use
Official name
New Territories, Hong Kong, China
Maeda-Hitachi-Yokogawa-Hsin Chong JV
Dissing, Weitling
HK $2.76 billion (US $350 million )
Apr, 2004
Construction end
Apr-07, 2009
Dec-20, 2009
Total Duration
Total length
5236 ft ( 1596 m )
978 ft ( 298 m )
Deck height
241 ft ( 73.5 m )
Longest span
3340 ft ( 1018 m )
Design type
Cable-stayed bridge
Road scale
6 lanes
Rambler Channel

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