www.reduper.com is dedicated to collecting information on super engineering projects all over the world, including the construction parameters of the project, the country where it is located, the construction time, the geographic location and so on.

  • Reduper is a website about global super projects.
  • We are fans of super engineering.
  • We collect, screen, and sort super engineering projects in various fields in various countries around the world.
  • Try to write objective, professional, and interesting super engineering articles.

www.reduper.com is built for people who love super engineering, hoping to find more people interested in super engineering here.

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The creator of reduper.com.
A super engineering enthusiast who loves technology and games, his main job is Internet marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of super projects will be collected by reduper.com?

In all fields, the project with the best main parameters. For example, the bridge’s main parameters are height and length, then the highest height bridge and the longest length bridge in the world will be collected by our website and sorted into a ranking list.

Our website will not collect parameters without digital data. For example, The most beautiful bridge, beauty is a subjective concept, does not have objective digital parameters, so our website will not appear similar to the most beautiful bridge list.

Where does the data from reduper.com come from? Is this information about super engineering accurate?

From the great Internet, we collect information about super engineering the Internet. This information does not guarantee 100% accuracy, but we are enthusiasts of super engineering. We judge the massive data based on our own experience, and finally put We believe that the correct super engineering parameters are posted on the website.

So what we do is “collect-judge-collate-release”, and finally provide it to super engineering enthusiasts to share.

Is the information on the leaderboard accurate?

The ranking list of our website is updated in real-time according to the actual situation. Because the world’s super projects are constantly increasing, and there are constantly new and greater projects that surpass the old ones. Once new projects are released, this project’s main parameters will be collected and then automatically entered into the corresponding field’s ranking list, ranking according to the parameters.
Therefore, all rankings on our website are accurate.