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What is Super Engineering?

  • 4700 years ago, the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids.
  • 2200 years ago, the Chinese built the Great Wall.
  • 90 years ago, Americans built the famous Empire State Building in just over a year.

Super Engineering Represents the Most Advanced Productivity of Mankind in Each Era.

  • Technology: From wood and stones in primitive society to smart alloy materials. Super Engineering has always been a leader in high technology.
  • Civilization: Reflecting the form of civilization, the super project itself has become a cultural symbol.
  • Politics: The super project itself is the political achievements of the political group, and the political forces that built the super project were the top political groups in the world at that time. Super projects will also strengthen political influence.

What are the Conditions for the Birth of A Super Project?

  • The most advanced social division of labor system: providing a large industrial population.
  • The richest economy: provide astronomical amounts of funds.
  • The most powerful political group: endorsement of the super project.
  • Top execution ability: overcome various resistances to complete super projects.

What is the Significance of Super Engineering to Humans?

  • Super engineering is the embodiment of the human spirit. It contains the beautiful human qualities of curiosity, exploration, practice, and enterprising. It symbolizes the pioneering spirit of indomitable progress.
  • Super projects have promoted the advancement of human science and technology, and the scientific and technological achievements of super projects have affected all aspects of modern society.

Why Do We Care About Super Engineering?

The Super Project itself is the crystallization of human wisdom and the highest materialized embodiment of human technology, art and civilization. It is worthy of our understanding and learning.

The History of Super projects is the history of the rise and fall of human civilization. These great projects hide the future direction of mankind.

About Reduper

  • Reduper is a website about global super projects.
  • We are fans of super engineering.
  • We collect, screen, and sort super engineering projects in various fields in various countries around the world.
  • Try to write objective, professional, and interesting super engineering articles.

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