Top 10 largest ports

Top 10 largest ports

Top 10 largest ports, statistics are based on Annual cargo tonnage.

Previously, we launched a list of ports sorted by container, Top 10 busiest ports.

However, many goods are not transported in containers, especially fundamental industrial raw materials, such as oil, coal, iron ore, natural gas, etc. According to container statistics, it does not reflect the ports that mainly handle industrial resources.

So today, we launched a list sorted by cargo tonnage, Top 10 largest ports.

These two lists of ports can basically help people understand which ports are truly the world’s largest TOP 10 ports.

The following list data is based on the annual cargo tonnage ranking. If the latest data changes, the list will change accordingly to maintain the list’s accuracy.

10Dalian Port

Shipyard in Dalian Port

Dalian Port

9Rotterdam Port

Containers at Rotterdam Port

Rotterdam Port

8Guangzhou Port

The port of Nansha (Guangzhou)

Guangzhou Port

7Qingdao Port

Overview of Qingdao-Port

Qingdao Port

6Suzhou Port

Suzhou Port

Suzhou Port

5Singapore Port


Singapore Port

4Tangshan Port

Tangshan Port

Tangshan Port

3Shanghai Port

Shanghai Port The world's largest port

Shanghai Port

2Hedland Port

Hedland Port

Hedland Port

1Ningbo Zhoushan Port

Overview of Ningbo Zhoushan Port

Ningbo Zhoushan Port

Global Port Super Engineering map

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