Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station

Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station ( Russian:Братская ГЭС ) is located on the Angara River in the Irkutsk Region of Russia. The construction of this gravity dam began in 1954 and was put into use in 1966. The installed capacity is 4,515 MW, and the average annual power generation is 22.6 TWh.
The dam’s maximum height is 408 ft (124.5 m), and the length is 3031 ft (924 m). by-wall house is 516 m long. Riverbank concrete walls all 506 m long. On the top of the dam, is the Taishet-Lena railway line and a vehicle road.
Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station has 18 Francis turbines, each of 250 MW, with an operating head of 106 m. Bratsk reservoir is 5140 meters long. It has a capacity of 4,515 MW and an annual output of 22.6 TWh. The output is distributed to five 500 kV power lines and twenty 220 kV lines.

Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station
Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station


  • September 1954: The plan for the hydroelectric power plant was approved, and later that same year, the first workers and machines arrived in Bratsk.
  • December 21, 1954: The city of Bratsk was established.
  • December 12, 1955: According to the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of RSFSR, the city of Bratsk was officially transformed from a workers’ settlement to a city.
  • July 1955 to October 1957: The 220 kV power line to Irkutsk was built. November 6, 1957: The Bratsk substation receives its first electric current from the new plant. Later in the same year, electricity was transmitted to Irkutsk for the first time via a newly established power line.
  • 1961: A second 500 kV power line was added.
Братская ГЭС
Братская ГЭС
  • July 18, 1961: Bratsk Reservoir was filled with water (the water level rose to 100 m, becoming the largest artificial lake at the time).
  • November 28, 1961: The first stationary 225 MW generator (No. 18) was put into operation. Seven days later, the second stationary generator No. 17 started operating.
  • December 12, 1963: Units 16 and 15 were merged into the Siberian Unified Energy System. May 9, 1964: The central control station was put into use, and the operator began to control the factory.
  • September 30, 1964: The last cubic meter of concrete was poured into the dam wall.
  • March 3, 1965: Construction of the rails on the top of the dam began, and operations began on June 16. and opened to traffic on July 28.
  • December 14, 1966: The last generator set was put into use.
  • September 8, 1967: The Soviet State Committee accepted the continued use of the Bratsk Hydropower Station.
Giant crane at Bratsk Dam
Giant crane at Bratsk Dam

Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station Data

Eastern Europe
In use
Official name
Братская ГЭС
Other name
Bratsk Hydroelectric Dam
Bratsk, Russia
Dam height
408 ft (124.5 m )
Dam Length
3031 ft (924 m )
Hydraulic head
108 m (354 ft)
Type of dam
Bratsk Reservoir
Installed capacity
4,515 MW
15 × 250 MW 3 × 255 MW
Angara River
Catchment area
5,470 km² (2,112 sq mi)

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