Top 10 most expensive hydropower stations

Top 10 most expensive hydropower stations

Top 10 most expensive hydropower stations in the world.

This list includes the world’s top ten built hydropower stations sorted by project cost, all currencies are converted to U.S. dollars for unified comparison.

Generally speaking, the cost of a project is directly proportional to the scale of the project. The more expensive the project, the larger the technology and scale. The project cost reflects the difficulty and scale of the project. Therefore, this list also represents the world’s top 10 largest hydropower stations.

If a new super hydropower station is built, it will be automatically inserted into the list to keep the list correct.

10Longtan Dam


Longtan Dam

9Jinping-II Dam

Jinping-II Dam

Jinping-II Dam

8Nuozhadu Dam

Side of Nuozhadu Dam

Nuozhadu Dam

7Tucuruí Dam

Opened outlets of Tucurui-Dam

Tucuruí Dam

6Xiangjiaba Dam


Xiangjiaba Dam

5Xiluodu Dam


Xiluodu Dam

4Wudongde Dam

Wudongde Hydropower Station

Wudongde Dam

3Belo Monte Dam


Belo Monte Dam

2Itaipu Dam


Itaipu Dam

1Three Gorges Dam


Three Gorges Dam

Global Hydropower Station Super Engineering Map

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