Nuozhadu Dam

Nuozhadu Dam(Chinese:糯扎渡水坝) is located at the junction of Simao District of Pu’er City and Lancang County in the lower reaches of Lancang River.

It is the core hydropower station on the lower reaches of the Lancang River. It cost about US $6.6 billion ( 45 billion yuan ).

Side of Nuozhadu Dam
Side of Nuozhadu Dam

Construction parameters

The power station hub comprises three parts: core wall rockfill dam, left bank spillway and left bank diversion and power generation system.
The normal water storage level of Nuozhadu Reservoir is 812 meters, the maximum height of the core wall rockfill dam is 261.5 meters, with a total storage capacity of 23.703 billion cubic meters and an adjusted storage capacity of 11.335 billion cubic meters, which is equivalent to 11 Dianchi Lake Water storage capacity. With many years of adjustment capabilities.

The power station is equipped with 9 units of 650,000 kilowatts, with a total installed capacity of 5.85 million kilowatts, a guaranteed output of 2.4 million kilowatts, and an average annual power generation of 23.912 billion kilowatt-hours.

Nuozhadu Hydropower Station underground main plant
Nuozhadu Hydropower Station underground main plant

Nuozhadu Reservoir

The total storage capacity of the reservoir is equal to 16 Dianchi Lakes.
The total storage capacity of the Nuozhadu Hydropower Station will reach 23.703 billion cubic meters, equivalent to 16 Dianchi Lakes. The power station reservoir has the ability to adjust for many years. After completion, it can increase the flood control standard of Jinghong City from 20 years to 100 years.

Nuozhadu Dam Reservoir
Nuozhadu Dam Reservoir

Construction history

  1. January 2006: Construction of the main diversion tunnel started
  2. November 2007: River closure (Lancang / Mekong)
  3. July 2012: the first generator set was put into production
  4. June 2013: The entire dam project was completed
  5. In May 2014: all 9 units were put into production
  6. In June 2015: the project was completed
Nuozhadu Dam is draining
Nuozhadu Dam is draining

Digital dam

Nuozhadu Hydropower Station has 6 leading technologies:

  • Digital dam management system.
  • Clay core wall mixing gravel process.
  • Power plant layered water intake plan.
  • Weld seam TOFD inspection technology.
  • Biodiversity protection facilities.
  • “Zero discharge” of production wastewater and domestic sewage.
Nuozhadu Dam spillway
Nuozhadu Dam spillway

Green Hydropower Project

As soon as you enter ​​Huaneng Nuozhadu Hydropower Station’s work area, you can see the plants along the road.

The tall ones are yellow locust, red sorrel, iron swordwood, alpine ficus, canary dates, and the lower ones are yellow-leaved forsythia, Phnom Penh agave, fishtail sunflower, loose-tailed sunflower, stamen, Purple leaf amaranth, soft branch yellow cicada, more varieties crawling on the ground.

On the broken platform of the backing body, bougainvillea, plantain, hibiscus, yucca, rose, psyllium can be seen everywhere … The beautiful environment in the work area decorates the power station especially beautifully.

 ​​Huaneng Nuozhadu Hydropower Station, including the contractor’s camp, is about 358.56 hectares. There are 140,000 square meters of green space in the owner’s camp covering an area of ​​270,000 square meters.

So far, Huaneng Nuozhadu Hydropower Station has invested nearly 790 million yuan in ecological protection.

Fish protection

To reduce the impact of low-temperature water discharged from the reservoir on river ecology and fish reproduction, the power station has invested an additional 240 million yuan in constructing the intake project.

Implementing the stratified water intake scheme of the power station has greatly improved the temperature of the discharge water and met the demand for spawning of fish in downstream rivers.

Nuozhadu Dam
Nuozhadu Dam

Simultaneously, to effectively protect the rare fish downstream of the power station, the Nuozhadu Power Station selectively netted dams for fish such as Chinese knot fish and Chinese catfish.

Nuozhadu Dam Data

Simao District, Pu’er City, Yunnan Province, China
Official name
HUANENG Power Intl Inc.
US $6.6 billion ( 45 billion yuan )
In use
Type of dam
Embankment, central core, rock-fill
Jan, 2006
Opening date
Sep-06, 2012
Total Duration
8 years
261.5 m (858 ft)
608 m (1,995 ft)
Installed capacity
5,850 MW
9 x 650 MW Francis-type
Spillway type
Service, controlled side channel chute
Spillway capacity
31,318 m³/s (1,106,000 cu ft/s)
Lancang (Mekong) River
Reservoi name
Nuozhadu Reservoir
Total capacity
21,749,000,000 m³ (17,632,000 acre ft)
Catchment area
140,000 km² (54,000 sq mi)
Reservoir area
320 km² (120 sq mi)

Nuozhadu Dam Location On Earth

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