Top 10 busiest ports

Top 10 busiest ports

The top 10 busiest ports in the world.

Because the history of port construction is very long, generally accompanied by the process of urbanization. Therefore, the actual area and size of the port are difficult to define. Many ports are distributed in multiple areas of a city and are constantly expanding.

So the actual area and size of the port are difficult to count.

Containers are the standard unit of measurement for modern transportation. The volume of containers reflects the vitality and scale of a port. The higher the container volume, the stronger the port’s carrying capacity, which means the larger the port.

So the top 10 busiest ports in the world can equate to the world’s top 10 largest ports.

The following list data is based on the annual port container volume ranking. If the latest data changes, the list will also change accordingly to maintain the list’s accuracy.

10Tianjin Port

Haihe Bridge and Tianjin Port

Tianjin Port

9Hong Kong Port

Hong Kong Port and Stonecutters Bridge

Hong Kong Port

8Qingdao Port

Overview of Qingdao-Port

Qingdao Port

7Busan Port

North Port (part of Busan Port)

Busan Port

6Guangzhou Port

The port of Nansha (Guangzhou)

Guangzhou Port

5Ningbo Zhoushan Port

Overview of Ningbo Zhoushan Port

Ningbo Zhoushan Port

4Shenzhen Port


Shenzhen Port

3Tangshan Port

Tangshan Port

Tangshan Port

2Singapore Port


Singapore Port

1Shanghai Port

Shanghai Port The world's largest port

Shanghai Port

Global Port Super Engineering map

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